Terms & Conditions

WorldStrides K12 Domestic Terms & Conditions


Important Information

By registering for this program, you are agreeing to participate in a full-service group educational travel experience, operated by Lakeland Tours LLC dba WorldStrides, or one of our affiliate businesses. Because of the unique nature of group travel, many elements of your program and itinerary may be selected and/or scheduled at the direction of your group’s Program Leader (the teacher, administrator, or parent from your school or community), who will act as your group’s representative. Further, please note that, while WorldStrides and its affiliates will arrange the various travel elements for your trip, the total price quoted for your program includes additional pre-trip services, including but not limited to the development of the associated educational content and materials, the printing and distribution of program materials, the costs associated with our various group health and safety measures, and the administrative and service costs related to group management.

Waiver & Release

All participants must return a signed Participant Release and Binding Arbitration Agreement at the time of registration. This form can be viewed and agreed to during online registration, or printed, signed, and returned to the Program Leader, or to WorldStrides via email to: customerservice@worldstrides.org or by mail to: PO Box 9033, Charlottesville, VA 22906

What are your payment options? 

1.  Full Payment: Pay in full, within 21 days of registration 
2. EZ Pay: Leverage WorldStrdes’s EZPay Program by establishing automatic payments to be debited from your checking account or a debit card from a US banking institution. (There are no handling fees associated with payments made through the EZPay program!); or
3.  Installment Plan: Make regularly agreed-upon scheduled installment payments under a manual installment plan. After your registration and deposit, each manual payment will have a small additional $6 non-refundable handling fee.

Whatever option you choose, please note that your account must be paid in full by the final payment deadline, as stated on your trip
information letter, or your account will be subject to cancellation.

What if you’re late on a payment? 

Late Registration, Late Payment, and Fees: WorldStrides charges a late registration charge, equal to the greater of 10% of the base tour price or $30, for registrations received after the final payment deadline. If you register prior to the final payment deadline as stated on your trip information letter but your account is not paid in full by that date, WorldStrides charges a $60 late payment fee.The fee for any late payments made after any scheduled installment date is $15. No personal checks or business checks will be accepted after the final payment deadline. There is a $35 service charge on returned checks, declined credit cards or declined e-checks. A $100 fee may apply for any correction made to your name within 75 days of the departure date. (For international programs, a $150 fee may apply for any changes made within 105 days of departure) A $50 fee, plus any additional airfare costs, will be assessed if you cancel your reservation and choose to re-instate at a later date.

Waitlist: Your program space is not guaranteed until your account has been paid in full and you have been advised in writing that all conditions for travel have been satisfied. If you are placed on a waitlist due to late registration or an outstanding account balance after final payment your account must clear waiting list procedures and may involve additional airline and other charges.

What do you need to know about your program fees?

The price quoted is based upon a minimum number of travelers, and the content of the program as outlined in your registration materials on the date of your registration. The price quoted is also subject to adjustment if the minimum enrollment is not met, if the program content or itinerary changes, or in the event of circumstances beyond WorldStrides’ direct control. These include, but are not limited to, increases in travel security charges, government-imposed fees and taxes, costs related to or resulting from government or carrier-imposed safety measures, fuel and energy costs and charges, and airline, vendor, or group-imposed schedule changes or delays. If your price is guaranteed for a stated minimum number of participants, your group may be combined with other group(s) on the program to reach minimum. The combinations may not be of the same age level or have the same itinerary. If the Program Leader chooses not to be combined and travels with less than the minimum number of participants, an additional cost will be charged to your account.

Non-Refundable Fees: The fee for enrollment in the Full Refund Program (discussed below), your deposit, any handling charges, merchandise fees, fees for returned checks, fees for declined credit cards or electronic drafts, and late payments and registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

What is not included in your program fees?

Unless specifically stated in your registration materials, WorldStrides’ program prices do not include college credit fees, passport fees, visa fees, trip protection fees, baggage charges, porterage at airports and hotels, gratuities to guides or bus drivers, private or small group fee, expenses incurred during free time, optional excursions, trip extensions, local transportation to unscheduled activities, transportation from your home to the origination point of the program, overnight lodging and meals prior to departure or upon return from a program or the weekend supplement of $35 if your departure or return flight falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday (not applicable to tours to the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico).

Adult Supplements: Adults are automatically placed in twin rooms unless a single room upgrade is requested and available for the
required additional applicable fee(s). Depending on the selected tour type, adult groups may be combined with student groups. On
applicable tours, adults pay a supplement fee of $125.

Frequent Flyer Miles: Frequent flyer miles are not available to participants.applicable tours, adults pay a supplement fee of $125.

The Program Information Itinerary

Prior to departure, you will be sent details regarding flight and hotel information, departure and return times, packing tips, drop-off/pick-up locations, etc. Flight times, airlines, itineraries, tour leader(s), and hotel information are subject to change. This is especially true when participating in a tournament or event, where WorldStrides is subject to the program hosts’ schedule, accommodations, and transportation.

Protecting You on Tour

While on tour, all participants are provided with accident, illness, and accident-related dental insurance coverage to cover out-of-pocket costs beyond the participant’s own insurance. This insurance covers up to $7,500 for accident, $1,500 for illness, and $750 for accident-related dental. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Any charges not covered are the responsibility of the participant. Other limitations may apply. Full details are available upon request.

Please note, participants are solely responsible for their pre-program, program, and post-program medical care in all respects, including, but not limited to, obtaining and taking necessary medication(s), vaccinations, and any other medical care and treatment.

Age Restrictions for Young Travelers

We do not accept applications for travelers under the age of 6 at time of departure. Registration for children 12 and under is subject to individual review, and the decision to allow participation in a trip is at the sole discretion of WorldStrides.

Travel Documentation

Every participant must have the required documentation necessary to participate in the trip prior to the date of departure, including date of birth and necessary identification that fully matches the name provided to WorldStrides for inclusion on travel documentation and airline tickets, and must meet any other applicable compliance requirements issued by the Transportation Security Administration or related agencies.

WorldStrides provides online and customer service to keep the program participant’s information current and it is the participant’s sole responsibility to assure that this information is fully up to date no later than 60 days prior to the group’s departure date. If changes occur after that date, the participant must contact customer service and additional change fees may apply. Visit the Transportation Security Administration website at www.tsa.gov for more information.

If a participant is unable to travel due to the lack of a proper identification, passport or visa, or necessary inoculations, the standard cancellation policy will apply. Reservations are not transferable at any time.

Course Credit

Because WorldStrides holds various accreditations, participants may qualify for course credit for participation in a WorldStrides program. Schools, colleges, and universities hold varying policies regarding a student’s eligibility to earn or redeem course credit from other accredited institutions. Students should consult their school guidance counselors and/or school policy handbooks to determine their eligibility. WorldStrides is not responsible for the approval or issuance of course credit.

Optional Accommodations for Individuals and Groups

Participants may upgrade to a single room for an additional fee upon availability. All participants aged 22 and younger at time of departure room in same-gender rooms with travelers from the entire group. Minors, under the age of 18, are not able to room by themselves. Alternatively, your Program Leader may select a custom or “Exclusive Rooming” option, which ensures that students from your group will not be mixed with students from other groups during hotel stays. 

Personal Property

Participants are fully responsible for any costs arising from the damage, loss, or theft of any personal property during the program. 

Travelers with Disabilities

WorldStrides happily welcomes all travelers on our tours. However, the trips are fast paced, require a great deal of walking, and can be physically demanding. Due to these restrictions, you may not be able to fully participate in the tour. Furthermore, WorldStrides is not responsible for any denial of service by carriers, hotels, restaurants, and other independent suppliers, and cannot refund the cost of any activity in which you were unable to participate. We encourage that any disability requiring special attention be reported to the Program Leader and WorldStrides at the time you make your reservation. WorldStrides will make reasonable attempts to accommodate special needs. Travelers requiring extraordinary assistance must be accompanied by a paying companion who is capable of and totally responsible for providing the necessary assistance. 

Special Dietary Requirements

WorldStrides cannot be responsible for accommodating any food allergies, or dietary requirements and restrictions, and is not responsible for any problems associated with the same. All issues regarding food and drink, including allergies, or dietary requirements and restrictions, are the sole responsibility of the participant.


WorldStrides, the Program Leader, and chaperones establish behavior rules and directions for all student participants. Failure to abide by the rules or directions may result in the student being sent home at the parents’ expense without any right to a refund. All program participants will be responsible for their own actions at all times, and the Program Leader and chaperones will be held accountable for the action of all participants in their group.

Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind for which you do not have a valid prescription, behavior infringing upon the ability of others to enjoy the Program, or compromising your own or others’ safety, or is otherwise inappropriate, or violates the law as well as violation of certain other rules, constitute grounds for immediate expulsion.

WorldStrides is committed to providing an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment based upon an individual's sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated.

On occasion, program participants may be allowed by the Program Leader to leave the group and to explore on their own. WorldStrides has no responsibility for participants when they are on their own and it is the sole responsibility of those participants to take whatever actions are necessary to rejoin the group, at their own cost. If a program participant is late in appearing for a scheduled departure, the Program Leader has no duty to delay the Program to wait for the participant.

What happens if your program changes after registration?

Program Changes Made by WorldStrides: Changes or substitutions in hotels, itinerary, inclusions, or airports may be made depending on your travel dates, arrival and departure times, national holidays, and events beyond WorldStrides’ control at the discretion of WorldStrides as it deems necessary or desirable. On certain dates some attractions or activities may be closed, and the availability of some venues advertised or communicated cannot be guaranteed. Some venues may require special equipment. Venues may also close without prior notice due to public holidays, festivals and routine maintenance. In these instances, no refunds can be given. Whenever possible, suitable alternatives will be provided.

WorldStrides reserves the right to change the date of departure by no more than two days from the original departure date. These changes are not grounds for cancellation without penalty or for refunds after the tour.

On occasion, WorldStrides must change dates of a scheduled program by more than 2 days as the result of Exceptional Circumstances, as defined below, or as a result of operational challenges or difficulties, including without limitation, travel restrictions, event cancellations, facility closures, government-imposed restrictions/closures, or other reasons beyond the control of WorldStrides.

Should WorldStrides need to change the dates of a scheduled program by more than 2 days, we will work with your group’s Program Leader to reschedule your trip to dates that work for your group. If you elect to cancel because your program dates are changed by 3 days or more, the policy regarding Cancellation due to Exceptional Circumstances will apply.

Changes Made by Your Group: WorldStrides offers its WorldClass Flex Program to enable groups to plan trips with confidence. We understand your group may need to change your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. If your group decides they are not comfortable traveling to the planned destination or on the scheduled dates, the group can move the trip to an alternative destination or move to a new future date up until 45 days before departure. Changing the destination or date of the trip will be determined based on availability of trip components including, but not limited to, accommodations, venues, attractions, content, meals, and transportation. We will work with your Program Leader to find an alternative future date up to 24 months from your original departure date. Your group will be able to adjust your trip with no additional fees, just the difference (if applicable) in the price of the new trip.

In the event a tour is moved to the future, all monies paid (less any Non-Refundable Fees) can be transferred from an existing participant to a new participant if the new participant enrolls (which enrollment will include express agreement to these Terms and Conditions) by 110 days before departure. Once funds are transferred, the new participant is subject to the full Terms and Conditions and standard refund policies as defined for the group on the original scheduled trip.

If you or your group reschedules to a new destination or date and then decides to cancel, the cancellation fees will be calculated from the date of transfer from the original tour and standard cancellation fees will apply.

What if you have to cancel your registration?

All cancellations must be made in writing by the person listed on the registration form to your account representative or customer service at customerservice@worldstrides.org or via mail to WorldStrides, P.O. Box 9033, Charlottesville, VA 22906-9033, must be postmarked prior to the group’s departure, and must include account number, registrant’s name, and complete address.

The Program Leader may cancel the program on behalf of the entire group, or any individual participant. Within 24 hours following receipt of your registration confirmation or initial payment invoice (whichever is first), you may cancel your WorldStrides program and receive a full refund. After 24 hours, the Standard Cancellation Policy applies unless the Full Refund Program is purchased.

All refunds are issued using the original form of payment on the account. Check refunds are only issued to the primary responsible party listed on the account. WorldStrides accepts payment via check, e-check, debit card, and credit card. Should you choose to use a gift and/or preloaded credit card to make one or more payments on your WorldStrides account, WorldStrides is not responsible for replacing any credits that are successfully processed back to any lost, stolen, or destroyed gift or preloaded credit card account used for payment.

Standard Cancellation Policy: The services and value we provide begin long before your date of departure, and there are significant unrecoverable costs as your departure date approaches. Therefore, if you do not enroll in the Full Refund Program (discussed below) and you, the Program Leader, school, or school administration cancel beyond the 24-hour grace period, WorldStrides will be entitled to retain (in addition to the Non-Refundable Fees):

- 25% of the base trip price (minimum charge of $120 if base trip price is $400 or more) if your cancellation letter is postmarked more  than 75 days prior to the group’s departure
- 50% of the base trip price if your cancellation letter is postmarked 45 to 74 days prior to group’s departure, or
- 100% of the base trip price if your cancellation letter is postmarked 44 days or fewer prior to group’s departure.

For International travelers, the following schedule applies: For cancellations occurring within 24 hours following receipt of registration confirmation you are entitled to a full refund. Beyond the 24-hour grace period, WorldStrides will be entitled to retain 25% of the base trip price* (minimum charge of $120 if the base trip price is $400 or more) for cancellation letters postmarked more than 110 days to departure, 50% of the base trip price for cancellation letters postmarked 45-109 days prior to departure, or 100% of base trip price for cancellation letters postmarked 44 days or less to departure.

Cancellation due to Exceptional Circumstances: If your group is unable to reschedule your trip to a new destination or date, and your program is canceled or cannot be delivered due to Exceptional Circumstances (explained below), travelers who did not purchase the Full Refund Program (who are eligible for a full refund on all monies paid less Non-Refundable Fees), will be refunded all monies paid less Non-Refundable Fees and an additional cancellation fee of $399 for trips involving international air travel, $289 for trips involving domestic air travel, or $149 for trips involving domestic bus travel. After August 2021, cancellation fees for non-purchasers of FRP will be $499 for international air travel, $389 for domestic air travel, and $189 for domestic bus travel. Please note - these fees are not intended tobe a penalty, but rather a fair estimation of a portion of the unrecoverable internal and external costs related to planning, managing, and
administering a full-service group travel program, that are incurred by WorldStrides prior to the date of departure.

Exceptional Circumstances: Without limitation, WorldStrides, including its affiliates, owners, officers, agents, employees or any associated organization, is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property, death, delay, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, mechanical or other failure of airplanes or other means of transportation or for any failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart timely, dangers associated with animals, sanitation problems, food poisoning, lack of or quality of medical care, illness or disease, difficulty in evacuation in case of a medical or other emergency, or for any other inconvenience beyond the direct control of WorldStrides, in connection with the provision of any goods or services whether occasioned by or resulting from, but not limited to, Exceptional Circumstances. Exceptional Circumstances may also justify postponement or (if postponement is not achievable) cancellation of trips. Exceptional Circumstances include, but are not limited to, acts of force majeure, war (whether declared or not), criminal or terrorist activities of any kind or the threat thereof, civil unrest, strikes or other restrictive labor activities, illness or disease, actual, perceived or threatened epidemics or pandemics, government-imposed travel restrictions or closures, and other events outside WorldStrides’ control that make performance of a trip as contemplated impossible or impractical.

Full Refund Program (“FRP”)

For an additional fee, WorldStrides offers protection for your investment through the Full Refund Program (FRP). Should you, your Program Leader, school, or the school’s administration cancel your trip after the 24-hour grace period from registration, or in the event that your program is cancelled as a result of Exceptional Circumstances (as defined above), the FRP protects your investment by reimbursing you for 100% of the amounts you’ve paid in, minus the FRP enrollment fee and any other Non-Refundable Fees.

To be eligible for this additional protection, your payment for the FRP fee must be received within 14 days of your initial deposit/payment, and your program must be cancelled 1 or more days before your departure date. The cost of FRP will be specified in your trip information letter.

Please note, the FRP fee is non-refundable after 24 hours of initial FRP purchase confirmation. Additionally, the Non-Refundable Fees listed above are not refundable at any time, and the FRP does not cover Non-Refundable Fees. Additionally, FRP does not cover penalties or unrecoverable costs associated with any air or other travel arrangements not provided by WorldStrides.

USTOA Membership Means You’re Protected: WorldStrides, as an Active Member of USTOA, is required to post $1 million with USTOA to be used to reimburse, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program, the advance payments of WorldStrides’ customers in the unlikely event of WorldStrides’ bankruptcy, insolvency, or cessation of business. Further, you should understand that the $1 million posted by WorldStrides may be sufficient to provide only a partial recovery of the advance payments received by WorldStrides. Complete details of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program may be obtained by writing to USTOA at 275 Madison Avenue, Suite 2014, New York, New York 10016, or by e-mail to information@ustoa.com or by visiting their website at www.ustoa.com.

General Information

Third-Party Providers: Lakeland Tours, LLC d/b/a WorldStrides, its employees, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, successors, agents, and assigns (collectively, “WorldStrides”) does not own, operate or control any person or entity which is contracted to or does provide goods or services for your trip, including, for example, lodging facilities, airline, vessel or other transportation companies, guides or guide services, local ground operators, entertainment or sightseeing operators, providers or organizers of optional excursions, food service providers, etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, WorldStrides is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity, or of any third party. Further, WorldStrides is not liable for any inconvenience, costs, losses, or damages associated with the denial of services or special requirements of services imposed by such person or entity, or of any third party.

Arbitration: Any dispute concerning these Terms & Conditions and/or any other matter concerning the trip, including, but not limited to, any events and circumstances occurring during the trip, shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration in Charlottesville, Virginia, according to the then existing commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such proceedings will be governed by substantive (but not procedural) Virginia law. The arbitrator and not any federal, state, or local court or agency shall have exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, enforceability, conscionability, or formation of this Agreement, including but not limited to any claim that all or any part of this Agreement is void or voidable. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you are irrevocably, unconditionally, and expressly submitting to binding arbitration, in lieu of having any such dispute decided in a court of law before a jury.

Privacy: Because the nature of our business requires coordination with various providers who deliver the travel services, it is necessary to share some personal information from time to time. For more information, please visit: worldstrides.com/privacy-policy.

Seller of Travel Registrations:

- Hawaii TARS-5388; IA 568; and WA 601 887 646, 602 011 744.
- California Seller of Travel Registration No: 2041618-20. Note: Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the state of California. WorldStrides’ principal office is located in Charlottesville, VA. This transaction is not covered by the California Travel  Consumer Restitution Fund. You are not eligible to file a claim against that Fund in the event of WorldStrides’ default. These Term and Conditions apply to the maximum extent permissible without violating individual applicable state laws; to the extent state law invalidates any provision, all provisions not invalidated by state law will remain in force.

Please note: A participant will not be allowed to travel on a WorldStrides tour if his/her name does not appear on the travel roster on the day of departure, or if he/she has not submitted a signed waiver and release form, emergency medical release form, or personal behavior contract. By registering for a WorldStrides trip, and making an initial deposit, participants and/or persons listed on the account are agreeing to and consenting to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not understand any of the foregoing Terms and Conditions, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact WorldStrides Customer Support at 1-800-468-5899.