Terms & Conditions - Domestic

Waiver & Release: All participants must return a signed waiver & release form at the time of registration. This waiver & release form can be returned to the Program Leader, or to WorldStrides via email to: customerservice@worldstrides.org or by mail to: PO Box 9033, Charlottesville, VA 22906. A copy of the waiver & release form can be found at: https://resources.worldstrides.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/WorldStrides_WaiverandRelease_2016.pdf

Payment and Price

Payment Plans: If you register directly with WorldStrides, there are three payment options: (1) pay in full, within 21 days of registration (2) make regularly scheduled installment payments under a manual installment plan established by WorldStrides, with a $6 non-refundable handling fee on each installment payment following your registration, except the initial deposit and the final payment, or (3) establish automatic payments to be debited from your checking account or a debit card from a US banking institution via WorldStrides EZPay program. There are no handling fees associated with payments made through the EZPay program.

Your account must be paid in full by the final payment deadline as stated on your trip information letter or your account will be subject to cancellation.

Price Adjustments: The price quoted is based upon a minimum number of travelers, the content of the program as outlined in your trip information letter and the date of your registration. The price quoted is subject to adjustment if the minimum enrollment is not met, if the program content or itinerary changes, or in the event of circumstances beyond WorldStrides’ direct control, including, but not limited to, increases in travel security charges, government imposed fees and taxes, fuel and energy costs, and airline, vendor, or group imposed schedule changes or delays.

Combined Groups: If 1) your price is guaranteed for a minimum number of participants of 34 or fewer or 2) your group size is below the minimum number of participants of 35 or more, your group may be combined with other group(s) on the program. The combinations may not be of the same age level or have the same itinerary. If the Program Leader chooses not to be combined and travels with less than the minimum number of participants, an additional small group fee will be charged to your account.

Program Fees Not Included: Unless specifically stated in your trip information letter, WorldStrides’ program prices do not include optional additional college credit fees, passport fees, visa fees, Full Refund Program fees, lunches, beverages with meals, baggage charges, expenses incurred during free time, porterage at airports and hotels, transportation from your home to the origination point of the program and back, tips to guides and long-distance bus drivers, or overnight lodging and meals in the United States prior to departure or upon return of an international flight.

Late Registration, Late Payment, and Fees: WorldStrides charges a late registration charge, equal to the greater of 10% of the base tour price or $30, for registrations received after the final payment deadline. If you register prior to the final payment deadline as stated on your trip information letter but your account is not paid in full by that date, WorldStrides charges a $60 late payment fee. The fee for any late payments made after any scheduled installment date is $15. No personal checks or business checks will be accepted after the final payment deadline. There is a $35 service charge on returned checks, declined credit cards or declined e-checks. A $100 fee may apply for any correction made to your name within 75 days of the departure date. (For international programs, a $150 fee may apply for any changes made within 105 days of departure).

Waitlist: Your program space is not guaranteed until your account has been paid in full and you have been advised in writing that all conditions for travel have been satisfied. If you are placed on a waitlist due to late registration or an outstanding account balance after final payment your account must clear waiting list procedures and may involve additional airline and other charges.